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Modern Marketing Assessment

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Your overall score is a weighted average across the seven categories detailed below.

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Benchmark: The combined and current average score of other marketers like you who have taken The Mx Group’s Modern Marketing Assessment.

What Your Score Means

Your score was calculated using your responses to this assessment, which is based on SiriusDecisions’ approach to modern marketing. This leading B2B research and advisory firm provides insights on what modernized marketing functions should look like across different operational areas.


SiriusDecisions has found that approximately 64% of B2B marketers can be considered of “average” modern marketing maturity, 22% as “weak” and 14% as “best in class.” The specific benchmarks in this report provide a real-time comparison of how you stack up against other marketers who have taken this assessment.

We’ve provided high-level recommendations for your organization across each category. If you’d like to discuss your results in greater detail, please contact us.

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Your organization aligns with industry best practices in this area.

Room for improvement

Your organization follows some best practices in this area, but still has room for improvement.


Your organization needs significant improvement in this area.

Take the Next Step

Contact one of our subject matter experts to discuss ways to improve your score.

Take the Next Step

To discuss ways to improve your score with one of our subject matter experts, contact us at 877-504-7770.